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Wink for sale, yes, not kidding, anyone pushed or sold it out, who can drive this Tesla away!

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Wang MuXing who has a fold-spell king reputation in the domestic, won the CVCV fold-spell domain from uncle Hang, we leared that the price of transaction is more than one million RMB. has a variety of meanings suitable for many industries in Internet, such as women, agriculture. It’s heard that uncle Hang also spent around one million RMB to buy this domain at that time , and why did he have a special liking about it because a girl called “lili” , whom he pursuit for many years without results when he was young and poor, and Uncle Hang always feel regret in heart , impulsively purchase it when he saw at first glance, I double that this probablely be known by his wife, so sold it to Wang MuXing quickly.

Why I call Wang MuXing fold-spelling king? Becuase he bought multipal fold-spelling domains in a few months of this second half year, as follows:

Combained with today, froming a gorgeous list, which make us feel jaw-dropping.

XiaoBing acquired a double seplling

Laibin city is under the jurisdiction of the GuangXi Zhuang aotunomous region, due to rich in natural resources, has a great reputation in the global.

Regional domains has always been the foucus of domain investments, famous domain investor XiaoBing who coming from Hunan, acquired the double seplling, just because he bulish on the potential of regional domains, suitable for web portal, BBS forum and regional EC(electronic commence) and so on.

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