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Premium 5-letter brandable domain name

Generic short 5-letter .COM for sale.

Premium 5-letter domain name.

One of the rare 5L .com's.

5L .com domains are highly sought after as they:

  1. Short
    Easy to remember
    Easy to spell
    Easy to pronounce
    Easy to brand

Why 5 letter domain names are extremely valuable:

The main reasons that 5 letter domain names are so desirable is that they appear more prestigious, are easy to remember, are great for branding, are less prone to spelling errors as is the case with much longer domains and of course great for offline marketing.

A short domain name on the other hand aids for a memorable identity providing a powerful tool for marketing and brand building.

Buy in here:

The winner will need to have a Namecheap account so that I can push the domain to him/her.

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