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#BlackLivesMatter Launches JoinCampaignZero.Org: Is Hospital Asst Si
MONDAY,24 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 24th, is just one of the many media outlets that reported on a new online platform for the Black Lives Matter movement::

“The Black Lives Matter movement announced on Friday that it has an official platform for curbing police violence and reforming criminal justice in the U.S.

The social activism group released its most comprehensive policy outline to date on a website titled

Campaign Zero

“We can live in an America where the police do not kill people,” the group said on its new Internet portal.”

Mike Berkens actually pointed out to me that the article then goes on to refer to the movement as just “Campaign Zero” many times.

However there is a website is located at which is a non-profit corporation which empowers patents when getting medical care. This organization also refers to themselves on their site as just CampaignZero:

“”CampaignZERO offers simple checklists to patients and their family-member Care Partners to help them support safe and sound care during hospital stays.

CampaignZERO has three main goals:

Prevent harm and death caused by common and preventable hazards in hospital care.
Put patients, their families and all doctors and nurses “on the same page” with simple checklists
Promote candid conversations and productive partnerships for patients.

You’ll learn how to safeguard care for the people you love…

What to watch for
What to do
What to say
When to get help

Please share CampaignZERO with everyone you care about.”” is owned by PartnerHealth LLC of Illinois and was registered in 2010.

CampaignZero.Org also owns the domain name which was registered in 2009 and is being forward to the .Org site.

By using may people are going to be confused thinking there is some relation between the organization that registered its domain name just days ago and the established organization known using CampaignZero.Org.

The whole mess could have been avoided if the organizers of the #blacklivesmatter movement would have chosen to just register the domain name, which is sitting available as of publication which would have greatly reduced the chance to get confused or think that the two .org’s are related.

The call to action type of domain starting with “Join” is tricky when there is another Organization by the same name already in existence

Beyond that the may have legal rights to

The site is showing a trademark by the logo on its site and if the organization has been active since say 2000, they may well have common law trademark rights to the term.

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