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Washington Post Covers Several New gTLD’s & Asks: Who Needs .com?
THURSDAY,20 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 20th,the movement is on! Google has greatly helped all new gTLD’s and there are many mainstream media sites covering gTLD’s daily. This is really great news in general for the domain industry as a whole and clearly the gTLD’s!

Although many of these stories relate to .com when talking about the new gTLD’s, like a new one today from the with a title of:

“Who Needs .com? Domains When .Vegas, .PR, .NYC are Trending”

The story highlights several companies using gTLD’s like Republic.Bike, yet states: “The company uses in ads. It still uses its original domain,; when people type in, they’re taken to the “.com” site.”

Ok, so really, who needs .com? Republic.Bike does because, well Republic.Bike goes to! Yes, I do like the fact that new gTLD’s are giving a lot of people options. Similar to what many companies have done with owning more than 1 domain / website prior to new gTLD’s and these were often .com domain names.

Domain names are powerful and they provide amazing tracking options and so much more. Plus, you are not just limited to one domain! I have raved about domain names for YEARS and with the new gTLD’s it is almost like they have sparked things that have been available for over 30+ years.

Another “trending” extension as mentioned in the Washington Post article is .PR, which states Quinn Public Relations firm of New York is redirecting to . .pr isn’t “new” and that is stated in the article but it is actually a ccTLD (country code top level domain) of Puerto Rico that was introduced in 1989. The catch, it cost $1,369 to register a .pr domain name Per Year at 101Domain.comaccording to its site.

Is .PR “trending”? That is something that would be speculative at best and heavily relating to the registration / annual renewal costs IMO. Add in the fact that .PR domain names are not live registrations, as it takes 7-10 days to register one during general availability. In general, .pr domains are used by less than 0.1% of websites. Not sure I would call that trending.

Also mentioned in the article is .Vegas which according currently holds about 15,000 .vegas domains registered.

Quoted in the article: “WHY “.VEGAS”?: Using “.vegas” will help the firm be more visible when someone searches for Las Vegas-area accountants with specialties like helping businesses with 401(k) retirement plans, says Shannon Hiller, the firm’s marketing director. Also, the firm was unable to get names like “.vegas” addresses take visitors to the “.com” site, which also serves the Salt Lake City office.”

Another redirect to .com?

So, yes… almost everybody in the story “needs .com” as the majority of the domain names mentioned in the story, redirect to… well, .com domain names?

I personally like new gTLD domain names because it gives people options. I didn’t always feel this way prior, but things change over time and I have seen several companies do really well with the new gTLD’s. Search engines are giving them some loving and ranking them well, but that one big hill to climb remains. Getting the general public to see and know it IS a domain name. Adding helps, but .com is just so natural, that even I end up typing things like, which in the end is a sub-domain on

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