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So What Happens When There Is a .ABC? Disney Applied For It & Its Coming
WEDNESDAY,19 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 19th,after announcing it selected the domain name for its holding company Alphabet, Google has been going around buying all sorts of “abc” domain names.

Last week we told you that Google bought ABC.Global. spotted 78 new gTLD’s that Google registered using “abc.

Last night .Club registry announced on Twitter that Google bought

Also last night spotted 8 more new gTLD’s that Google bought or registered starting with “abc”

Which bring us to the fact that Disney, which owns the American Broadcasting Company otherwise known in the United States as ABC Network applied for the new gTLD .abc.

The application for .ABC passed ICANN evaluation and is in contracting so it will be a while until .ABC is live but it’s coming

Unlike .xyz which is open to be registered by anyone in the world on a first come, first served basis, .ABC is a Brand new gTLD, so the public will not be allowed to register .abc domain names unless Disney allows it, which according to its application they do not plan to allow.

At some point we can only assume we will not only have an but a

Yeah that won’t be confusing at all

While Google will control, Disney will control as well as for that matter.

That might be a problem for Google, unless Google goes ahead and buys Disney.

Here is what Disney had to say in their application to operate .ABC:

“Disney Enterprises, Inc. (“DEI”) is applying for the .ABC global top level domain (“gTLD”). DEI will act as the Registry Operator, and outsource Registry Services to Verisign, Inc.

DEI will operate a closed gTLD, meaning it will always be the Registrant and not open to third parties to register second level domains.

DEI is 100% wholly owned by The Walt Disney Company (“Disney”).

The ABC branded vision is to “super-serve fans with compelling storytelling, digital and social experiences that connect them with entertainment, news and information they love and desire anytime, anywhere.” Acquiring and operating a .ABC gTLD is consistent with and supportive of that vision.”

“The .ABC gTLD may become a valued destination point for Disney Enterprises, Inc. (“DEI”) content viewing, acquisition and distribution.

It provides a fully branded string that will be easy to remember, shortened for simple sharing across social media platforms, and have immediate brand awareness in global markets where DEI provides content. With the massive changes in technology and content distribution⁄consumption, the ABC brand has the potential to extend globally, breaking the bounds of just the common terrestrial broadcasting, cable and satellite offerings in the US market. Now anyone in the world can download ABC branded apps on their iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices, and consume ABC branded content. Although it is unknown how the mobile⁄computer⁄”TV” viewing model will evolve, the company believes a crucial component of marketing and consuming ABC branded content will continue to involve and be built upon internet models and protocols.

As a part of the implementation strategy, it is critically important that DEI maintains control of the brand. To that end, the company plans to implement a closed gTLD. Registration requirements will dictate that DEI must be the registrant for all domains in the gTLD to ensure there is control around which second level domains are created. The domains will follow explicit business plans and strategies, and will be intentionally created, monitored for performance against the strategy, and reviewed for new potential business opportunities.”

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