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Yahoo! Inc. Sells 2 Letter Domain Name
MONDAY,17 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 17th,Yahoo! Inc. has sold the premium 2 letter domain name according to whois records. The domain name has transferred to domain name registrar eName.


Also according to whois records, the buyer is a Jack Shen from Shanghai China.

This isn’t the first time that Yahoo! has offered, as they listed the domain for sale on in 2013 but the domain name did not sell at that time when it had a reserve price range of $1,000,00-$1,499,999.

Yahoo! did sell for $137K and several more domains in the five figure range at that time.

2 letter .com domain names as of late are selling with a minimum wholesale north of $500,000 and many have been selling in the 7 figure range when the sales price has been, which TheDomains broke the news on selling, is being reported that it sold for $8 Million. So the market has changed a lot since 2013 on the mainly “short” domain market due to high demand in the Chinese market and Yahoo was asking $1 Million or more then….

Yahoo! Inc. owns over 25,000 domain names.

Dating back to 2001, the oldest whois history record for and the domain was owned and used by AltaVista. By March 4, 2004 Yahoo! first appears in whois records. Overture purchased AltaVista and Yahoo purchased Overture, so that is how Yahoo! took ownership of the domain name.

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