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Centralnic passes Donuts as Backend Provider For New gTLD Domain Names
FRIDAY,17 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 17th and, CentralNic has passed Donuts in the number of domain names it is providing backend registry services for new gTLD domains. is showing CentralNic having 1,426,647 new gTLD’s under its backend management while Donuts is sitting at 1,425,466 domain names, each representing about 20% of all new gTLD’s.

However CentralNic is the backend provider for just 24 new gTLD’s at the moment while Donuts has 189 active new gTLD’s using its backend system.

In layman’s terms the backend system is the technology and equipment that makes a domain registry work.

Neustar (NSR) is running third with 1,156,204 domain names on its backend registry system, however Neustar did recently buy ARI which is 15th on the list of backend providers with over 50,000 domain names.

Here are the top 15 backend providers according to

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