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A Band You Never Heard Of Bitches About Having To Pay For or The FB Page
FRIDAY,14 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 14th,a interesting story in, about a band from the 90’s name Payment is bitching about not being able to simply get the domain name and/or a Facebook page by that name that is held by one of those nasty “Cybersquatters”.

Here is the title of the story:

“Rockers Pavement Spent Years With No Official Presence On Social Media Because They Refused To Pay A Fortune To A Cybersquatter For Their Domain Name.”

“The cult band split in 1999 and by the time they reunited for a comeback tour in 2010, social networking websites were the preferred route for band promotion and they wanted to set up their own page.

However, after discovering a mystery opportunist had already registered the band’s name and wanted a huge payoff to free it for the group, they refused.”

Guitarist Scott Kannberg tells Billboard, “When we were doing the reunion tour, we did a website and stuff, but with everything with Pavement, it’s like when you try to do something kind of cool, it always gets done kind of half-a**ed, you know? So everybody just lost interest in that website.”

“Then the Facebook, (other) people had control of it, like fans had Facebook pages and stuff. We tried to get (our official page) back around the reunion tour. But whoever had the page wouldn’t give it up, so we were just like, ‘Well, whatever.’ It wasn’t because we didn’t want to…

“We don’t know (who it was)!

I think it was just some random person who accumulated a bunch of pages for money.

They wanted a lot of money or something.

It was kind of a time when Facebook wasn’t as powerful. We were like, ‘Well, no way.'”

Well dude if you check it out, Facebook wasn’t even formed until 2004, way after 1989 when you were thinking about getting your Facebook page which didn’t even exist.

If you waited until 2010 for a generic term on Facebook, yeah its probably taken.

Maybe Scott your confusing Facebook with

As far as domain names go is owned by the American Concrete Pavement Association, which sure doesn’t sound like a cybersquatter to me.

As for the band maybe you should be more concerned about your Wikipedia page:

“Pavement was an American indie rock band that formed in Stockton, California in 1989.”

Operative word is “was”.

As for the band since you were formed in 1989 you certainly were well positioned to register the domain name, which I will go way out on a limb to say was available to be registered for free in 1989.

You were also around in 2004 when Facebook started so you could have registered your bands name on a FB page.

Now if you just woke up in 2010 or 2015, sorry you took a long nap, but don’t blame those that were awake and aware maybe you should fact check your stories.

I checked and the bands most “popular” song only has 2 bars which is the pervable blimp on the radar.

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