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Breaking: Hits the DOMAINfest .asia Auction at No Reserve
FRIDAY,14 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 14th,the domain name 8.XYZ will be in the auction as part of the conference that will be held in Macau China from September 4th- 7th. in conjunction with 4.CN will be holding an online domain name auction of around 150+ domains from September 2nd-September 9th.

The auction will be in English and Chinese and bids will be show in US dollars and Chinese Yuan.

All transactions will be cleared through DN.Cn which is the leading escrow service in China.

The number 8 of course is the luckiest number in Chinese culture and the new gTLD .XYZ has been in the global news this week ever since Google announced it’s new holding company Alphabet’s web address will be

Domain names containing the number 8 have sold for big money.

Most recently sold at Heritage Auction in February of this year for $115K. was sold by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration for $245,000 also earlier this year. sold for $140,000 of February of this year.

The domain name 8.XYZ is being offered at no reserve and is arguably the best .xyz domain of all (except now

The domain is owned by the .XYZ registry and is being offered for sale for the 1st time.

Based on the sale for $115,000, coupled with the fact that a substantial percentage of the registered .xyz domain names are registered to registrants in China, we expect this domain to easily hit the five figures, if not the six figures.

We expect to have the complete inventory for the auction to loaded by next week on and I can tell you we have a very impressive list of domains, domains domains as well as single as well as some special new gTLD’s.

Bidding instructions will follow.

By the way the submission period is now closed for this auction.

As a disclaimer, I am a director of

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