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BMW Has No Plans to Sell
WEDNESDAY,12 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 12th,seems like everyone is talking about domain names this week, the New York Times ran a story on Google and their new Alphabet brand. The story highlights concerns of other small businesses using Alphabet as a brand. They wonder how this will affect them, whether there would be legal action one contributor wondered aloud, “Who is going to sue Google ?”

Of course there is a big company with an interest in this whole Alphabet naming deal. BMW owns the domain name, they gave a statement in the article which said they are not selling the domain name, or at least have no intentions to do that right now. Google can be persuasive if they want to be and could throw a lot of money at the automaker.

From the article:

At BMW, Alphabet is the name of a subsidiary that provides services to corporations with vehicle fleets. A BMW spokeswoman said on Tuesday that the automaker was not informed ahead of time of plans by Mr. Page and Mr. Brin to create a company called Alphabet and had not received any offers to buy the Internet domain or the trademark.

“We are not planning to sell the domain,” said Micaela Sandstede, a BMW spokeswoman in Munich. She described the website as a “very active” part of Alphabet’s business.

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