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The world’s first double characters of .wang domain finally embraced by

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 3rd, ---the world’s first double characters of .wang officially come to public. It is reported that has already made the reservation 3 months in advance. After more than 3 months’s strict examination of the approval process, ICANN finally approved Zodiac to open these characters to the public.
.Wang domain has showed huge market potential in domain circle, as it is homophonic with and can be easily related to the Chinese characters “网”,“王”,“旺”, which has been crowned as golden domain. According to experts’ prediction, .wang is expected to be the third mainstream suffixes after .com and .cn.
With great market performance, there has increasing more world-famous companies been impressed by .wang. for instance has obviously changed its previous attitude towards .Wang. Earlier this year when .wang firstly came to public, Alibaba didn’t make timely reservation of relevant .wang domains, which led to “Alibaba, tianmao, juhuasuan, tmall, mayun, alimama, aliexpress、阿里妈妈,阿里云,马云、Etao, alipay”--12 domains be registered by others.Though has regained 10 of the 12 through arbitration,, still in the process of arbitration with results unknown.Given that Alibaba’s leading position and forward-looking behaviors, .wang has been attached great importance by business tycoons, which heralds a new direction of domain market domestically and globally.

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