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Donuts Becomes 1st new gTLD Registry to Join The Internet Commerce Association (ICA)
TUESDAY,28 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 28th,Donuts has become the 1st new gTLD registry to join the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) as a Silver member.

The ICA is a non-profit advocating for the rights and interests of domain name owners and related service providers.

Although Donuts is also a member of the DNA (As is a company I’m a Director of, the DNA and the ICA have different mission statements.

The ICA is the only organization which is “concentrated on protecting the rights of domain name registrants” while the DNA is more of a trade group promoting the usage and promotion of the new gTLD’s.

In a Statement Nat Cohen of the ICA told

“We are Pleased to welcome Donuts, the biggest player in the new gTLD space, as a member of the ICA”

“The ICA continues to grow and evolve along with the dynamic industry it represents. Donuts will bring a fresh perspective in support of ICA’s advocacy on behalf of the entire domain industry”.

Jon Nevett of Donuts issued a statement to about joining the ICA:

“”Donuts is proud to be joining the ICA to support the beneficial work it does representing domain holders. It is important to us to engage with our various customer segments and their respective trade associations.

I think its a big step for the ICA and all domain holders not just in financial backing but in having the largest new gTLD registry as its newest member.”

In full disclosure my company Worldwide Media, Inc is also a Silver member of the ICA and we welcome Donuts aboard.

You can see on the screenshot the other major contributors to the ICA whose mission is to protect all domain holders rights and interests.

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