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The shortest domains in the world (G.NF, H.NF ...)
though price is low for 1-letters I can imagine making even better bulk price - feel free to contact me over the website Smile (or simply send me an Email at )
Weekend Special time again Smile
Save money now!

For bulk prices contact me at
H.NF, G.NF and R.NF are SOLD since made a new special with much cheaper bulk prices. Check the link to buy in bulk and save money:
btw. lowered bulk price even more - now jet 150$/domain less!!!
Special 3 domains at 640$/domain (including a 1-letter !!!) ends within 24h
Only Q.NF left - looking for buyer.
Also have 2 1-number domains left, ready to make nice bulk price - see:
仍然在售 (still for sale)
Have put lowest price for the single remaining Q.NF real 1-letter ccTLD domain . Absolutly no reserve - price on website is lowest. Only for very short time!
Q.NF has been sold.

9.CR and 0.GY (number zero) still for sale!

I also have US.CR - a cool 2-letter short domain for "US", "URL Shortener" etc. can imageine making nice bulk price for 9.CR + US.CR
0.GY (number zero) at lowered price special now - eventually only for short time! Low renewal fees compared to some other 1-chars!

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