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.XYZ’s Daniel Negari Is So Done With .Com He Put His Own Last Name Up For Sale
TUESDAY,21 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 21th,it’s no secret that the Founder of .XYZ Daniel Negari has gone all in on being a new gTLD registry operator as he continues to shed his .Com holdings.

Just to show how done Negari is with .Com he has put up his the. Com domain of his last name up for sale on at no reserve, which is being forwarded to

I reached out to Daniel when I saw the domain name in pre-release who confirmed it was his domain name and he did in fact put it up for sale, because he simply doesn’t want it anymore.

Obviously some of the buyers of the domain name may use it to criticize Daniel personally or his domain registries (.XYZ is just one of which Negari either owns outright like .College and .Rent or has interest in like .car, .cars & .Auto) without having to spend the $250 to buy

I have owned for a long time and found it very useful as an email address, and would never consider selling it nor would I let it out in the wild.

Of course Daniel is not the only Negari in the world and there are some Negari’s or other site’s that may want to use

I even found a site built out on a new gTLD, which says “Negari Coffee”  is “perhaps the most exquisite and rare coffee in the world”.   (There is even a TripAdvisor entry for Negari Coffee)  How ironic would it be if this company bought the domain and then moved from the .coffee to the .com? By the way as of publication Negari.Coffee is not registered.

For the record Mr. Negari does not own the domain name That domain was registered in 2009 and is owned by whose site says it can not “be copied or duplicated in any way or form”. The site goes on to warn that “if any person is found to have used information from this site, they will be reported to the World Internet Authority (WIA)” which of course is the owner of the site. Other than the warning a some sort of logo the site contains no other information so I have no idea of what they are talking about. was registered back in 2003 and is currently in pre-release at and there are still over 19 days left to put in a backorder.

As of publication there are 2 backorders, well make that 3 now as I will backorder it to follow the auction and let you know the results

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