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Want TO Be The Next CEO Of ICANN? Here’s How To Apply
TUESDAY,21 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 21th,ICANN just published details regarding how to apply to become the next CEO of ICANN.

The CEO of ICANN is currently making close to $900K in Salary and Bonus plus gets to travel at least 3 times a year to ICANN meetings which are usually held in some nice locations.

The deadline to submit an application is September 20, 2015

Here is the info:

Following the announcement by ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé, that he will be departing ICANN after the ICANN Public Meeting in March 2016, the ICANN Board of Directors established a search committee to plan and execute a strategy to identify CEO candidates for submission to the Board.

The committee was established at the Board’s 21 June 2015 meeting, and its membership consists of George Sadowsky (chair), Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Cherine Chalaby, Steve Crocker, Chris Disspain, Markus Kummer, Ram Mohan and Ray Plzak.

Candidate Profile

ICANN requires a public interest-minded leader with a combination of business, diplomatic and organizational skills to assume the leadership of a successful multi-stakeholder organization. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate to the highest degree possible the following experience and skills. These have been grouped in no particular order under several headings that embody the multi-faceted nature of the role:

ICANN seeks candidates motivated to increase the effectiveness of the global Internet for the benefit of all.

Management and Operational Experience
◾Solid record of achievement in respected public, corporate, academic service, NGOs, foundations, and/or other public service institutions
◾Proven record of strengthening, fostering and consolidating operational excellence
◾Previous experience working with and/or on Boards of non-profit and/or profit organizations
◾Ability to foster consensus-building
◾Significant experience of, and achievements in, a multi-stakeholder environment, and an understanding of policy development processes.
◾Experience in fostering diversity
◾Strong operational experience running an established organization of substantial size, with ultimate responsibility for all key functions
◾Success in managing the continued evolution of a dynamic organization, with complex legal issues and significant contractual relationships
◾Experience in resource allocation and the management of competing priorities
◾Experience in establishing, strengthening and consolidating business systems and processes
◾Good negotiator who would be able to represent ICANN and present it well in potentially adversarial environments

Global Experience
◾Understanding of relevant political and policy processes, with awareness of current Internet issues around the world
◾Global exposure: experience working in leadership roles in different countries and with different cultures
◾Experienced leadership of dispersed international teams of significant size and active and diverse stakeholders
◾Experience managing complex and global process work flows and an ability to anticipate issues and advance pre-emptive action
◾Strong diplomatic skills, ability to balance between all facets of a complex ecosystem, including technical, business, and political aspect
◾Significant experience interacting and engaging with media
◾Close familiarity with the ways in which governments, the Internet technical community, civil society, business sector interests and regulatory authorities interact

Leadership Style
◾Intellectually engaging, contributes to ‘thought leadership,’ helps to define vision and strategy, and leverages the organization’s competencies
◾Appreciates the aspects of multilingualism and how this affects many players in the developed and the developing world
◾Appreciates and handles the geopolitical currents and pressures that will affect the future of a global organization
◾Understands and demonstrates empathy, and instills that quality throughout the organization as a core part of the values and mode of operation.
◾Thrives on motivating a high level team of functioning specialists
◾A consensus builder, catalyst and motivator, who is practiced at, and enjoys, working in partnership and persuading others
◾Embodies and practices the inclusive and empowering multistakeholder approach and encourages significant volunteer involvement

Personal Characteristics
◾Aligns with ICANN’s values: integrity, trust, humility, technical excellence, and public service
◾Multicultural with language skills, practiced communicator and public speaker
◾Strong belief in the value of the Internet: conscious of its role and complexity, fully embraces ICANN’s mission, its accountability requirements, and its bottom-up process
◾Relishes work within a community empowered organization, while taking into account the different interests of the different communities in a balanced and fair way
◾Excellent interpersonal skills at all levels
◾Committed to strengthening diversity
◾Ability to generate trust with all stakeholders and respect their input
◾Adept at rapid assimilation and adjustment to new environments

Understanding of Internet technology and the Domain Name Industry
◾Able to work within ICANN’s technical remit in a rapidly evolving Internet governance ecosystem, ensuring the evolution of the organization within such a framework
◾Familiarity with /understanding of Internet technologies and, in particular, an understanding of the global Internet’s systems of unique identifiers, including domain names, protocol parameters and addresses, and the functioning of domain name registries and registrars
◾Understanding of the domain name industry and its market structure and dynamics, including issues of competition, privacy, intellectual property, consumer protection and branding
◾Understanding of Internet addressing challenges and opportunities, including deployment of IPv6, exhaustion of IPv4, and the implications of IPv4 scarcity on the fundamental Internet architecture

Understanding of the Internet Governance Ecosystem
◾Understand the institutional environment of the Internet and its administrative governance systems, such as RIRs, IETF, IAB, ISOC, W3C, and other organizations
◾Awareness of the international dimensions, and the ability to interact with government and intergovernmental stakeholders
◾Knowledge of the UN system and other international organizations and processes

Candidates may not match every single criterion listed above, but those who reach the final shortlist will satisfy many of them.

The candidate will be expected to work at ICANN’s United States headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Substantial travel will be required.


Applicants should submit a current curriculum vitae and a cover letter specifically linking their background and abilities to the candidate profile above. Applications should be submitted by e-mail to:

Attachments should be submitted in RTF, Word, or PDF format.

The period for acceptance of applications closes on 20 September 2015.

ICANN is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or any other protected class.

ICANN values applications from candidates with demonstrated skills in languages in addition to proficient written and spoken English.

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