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Did Go to High or Too Low at $555,050 ?
FRIDAY,10 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 10th, closed today on NameJet at $555,050, the winning bidder First outdueled Boothcom to win the auction. There were 11 bidders who each bid $500,000 or more for the domain.

There has been some action lately in the world, sold on Sedo as reported by Jamie Zoch. There was no price mentioned on, but some research done by James Iles on Namepros put the name at $8 – $10 million based on the commission paid.

The sales price of has never been publicly revealed, but the seller of has stated that the brokerage fee was “around $1m”, which would bring the sales price of to anywhere between $8m and $10m – meaning it would be one of the biggest domain sales ever. which Facebook acquired for a reported $8.5 million. sold for $4.7 Million in 2013. for $3.85 Million in November 2008, for $3.6 Million in April 2014 and selling in July 2014 for $1.2 Million (which seems to be a pretty good deal for a repeating 2 letter .com IMO)

It also appears that has been in escrow since December of 2014, this was brought up by a commenter, Peter T. The post was actually about whether or not CentralNic sold

Mike wrote about possibly selling for $5million back in 2014, this was based off of research uncovered by George Kirikos.

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