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From CBS to CNN To Fox To Google: New gTLD .News Has Almost 500 Sunrise Registrations
WEDNESDAY,8 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 8th,the new gTLD .News enters the Early Access Program (EAP) for Rightside Tomorrow, Wednesday July 8th with the highest number of Sunrise domain registrations the registry has had in any of its new domain name extensions, just short of 500.

Matt Overman of Rightside told, “out of our entire portfolio of 36 active TLDs, .NEWS had the greatest number of Sunrise registrations, clocking in at 498.”

“We placed an estimated 75% of our premium .NEWS domain on a special list of non-premium-priced domains and premium .NEWS sales are still the third highest of all the Rightside TLDs (list available at”

“Many well-known brands have registered a .NEWS domain”

“We guessed that .NEWS would be popular with media organizations (which it has been) but a number of well-respected organizations from vastly different industries have also expressed interest in .NEWS”

Wholesale pricing for the Early Access Program is at $10,000 per domain as a one time charge (retail price varies by registrar) and the record for the most number of 1st day EAP registrations we unofficially have is 21 for .Apartments (note that some domains will also carry a premium registration and renewal fee in addition to the EAP fee)

CBS, CNN, Fox, Major League Baseball and many Tech brands including Google and Microsoft lead the charge for Sunrise registrations which were all priced the same price matter how big or small the brand, unlike .sucks which drew a lot of criticism for variable or premium priced domains for brands.

Here are the most interesting Sunrise new gTLD registrations we for .News that we found in the zone file:

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