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Domain Movers:,, And More Domains
TUESDAY,7 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 7th,in today’s installment of Domain Movers where I detect domain names that have been newly registered, acquired or simply moving for one reason or another, mainly all by large companies. As always, these are often very early detections and can lead into future brands, products, services, advertising campaigns and much more.

We heavily rely on the whois system to provide accurate data but we can not always tell everything simply based on whois records. Please keep that in mind.

A currently unknown MarkMonitor client using the generic DnStination Inc. whois data has registered several “BeYu” domain names like,,,,,, and To note, on for an example, the name servers are listed as which is owned by NBC Universal Media LLC. is listed for sale at Sedo with a make offer.

First Marblehead Education Resources, Inc. is making a play with the term Raise and registered a bunch of domains with the term in it like,,,,, and many many more. The one problem for them? sold about March 10, 2014 to Raise Marketplace who sells gift cards, so that domain is very likely out of the question for them.

Qualcomm Inc. acquired the domain name in some fashion from Microsoft on April 30, 2010 and has yet to do anything with the domain name. It doesn’t resolve. The domain has transferred out of CSC to MarkMonitor.

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. has registered the domain name adding to its domain name portfolio of over 900 domain names. which was owned by Sr Director Global IT Infrastructure and registered at MarkMonitor has went into generic whois data at MarkMonitor under the Inc. data. The domain resolves to a “forbidden” page but the URL indicates the domain being listed for sale, as it contains “domain inquire” in it. I reached out to MarkMonitor and they did state the domain is being offered for sale with an offering price of $175,000.

Brunswick Bowling Products, LLC registered the domain name and

McDonald’s Corporation registered the domain names and adding to its other 800+ domain names.

Aviva PLC has registered the domain name / .net adding to its domain name portfolio of nearly 4,000 domain names. They do not own

Microsoft Corporation has secured the domain name, a domain that was recently registered on March 17, 2015 by a Sean Murphy of Blacknight Internet Solutions Limited. I did a UDRP search and did not see one filed, but there is potential that a C&D letter was sent and the domain was handed over. Microsoft registered the .net on March 17, 2015 and somebody from China registered the .com in January 2015.

Microsoft did file a UDRP on and 6 other domains at the same time, winning on June 17, 2015.

Microsoft has also acquired the domain name according to whois records from a John Baudhuin of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. The domain has been registered since October 9, 2007. Mad Dogg owns and offers indoor cycling goods. may have acquired by Helium Systems Inc. from R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, on December 24, 2014 when the domain name transferred out of NSI to Tucows and went under privacy protection. The service offers solutions to connecting to the cloud.

Amazon Technologies has registered the domain names and They have also registered, the domain was registered before., LLC registered the domain name adding to its nearly 2,400 other domain names.

Google Inc. registered the domain name and this is interesting because Facebook Inc. / Atlas Solutions, LLC owns

HLT Domestic IP LLC ( has acquired the domain name from a Mark Segal of the UK. The domain has been registered since March 20, 2005. I did find several forms of “Stay Inspired” used for several different Hilton hotels. One person commented that on the room key, they term “Stay Inspired” was on it. “Stay Relaxed. Stay Inspired. Stay Sonesta” was another “Never just stay. Stay inspired.” has been acquired by Dropoff Inc. who is a new startup B2B delivery service. The company had received $1.85MM in seed funding about June 10, 2014 and had launched with at least at some point. The company has since raised another round at $7MM.

Whois history records are not exactly clear as to when they acquired from LLC, but it appears to have taken place about May 26, 2014 when the domain came out of privacy and displays Christian Carollo who is a co-founder of the company. TechCrunch states they launched in November 2014 but the active domain displayed in Google is, so that tells me they launched with the .co. The .co went into whois privacy from a Adam Modras on January 11, 2014., Inc. which had owned the domain name and was registered at CSC Corporate Domains with a website on it, has transferred to and went under privacy protection. The domain name now redirects to which is a Design & Architecture Magazine.

Home Instead Senior Care registered the domain name adding to its domain name portfolio of about 400 domain names.

The Quaker Oats Company registered several new domain names with the similar theme. Those include:,,,, and

Pfizer Inc. registered the domain name adding to its 6,500+ other domain names., a domain name that Toyota Motor Corporation had acquired on June 26, 2008 uses the domain name to easily direct interested customers to the Prius family of cars on its main website

The Currency Cloud had acquired the domain name on or about March 28, 2014 from a Matthew Bergin of Colorado. The company just completed a series C round of $18 Million bringing total funding up to about $36 Million. domain name now redirects to

“Snowflake” aka Snowflake Computing Inc. which has total funding currently of about $71 Million and currently has about 80 employees has just come out of beta. The service offers novel data warehousing and is run by former Microsoft server and tools executive Bob Muglia, with its service on is listed for sale on Sedo and has had 95 offers on the domain name but it is not known if this is an outdated listing or an active one. does resolve but really isn’t much of a website. It is stated as “snowflake financing intangibles” and that the website is under development. The domain is registered at Google Domains.

Casper, which is a mattress start-up that is about 14 months old is putting up very impressive funding numbers and has just confirmed a new $55 Million round bringing funding to nearly $70 Million.

Casper acquired from a Gary Casper of Houston Texas on or about September 17, 2014 when the domain name transferred from GoDaddy to eNom and put under privacy. By October 10, 2014 the domain name came out of privacy protection and showed Gabriel Flateman of Casper in New York, New York who is one of five co-founders and he is also the Chief Technology Officer.

The mattress ships in a box ( a pretty small one) and is delivered to your door with free shipping. A king cost $950 and a queen will run you $850 with a 100 day free trial and 10 year warranty.

There is a very similar company called Tuft & Needle (Fosbrooke, Inc.) that offers a mattress in a box and is currently the highest rated mattress on Amazon. $600 for a queen and $750 for a king.

Casper is the clear winner when it comes to domains, so I leave the mattress winner up to you!

Towers Watson & Co. registered a bunch of “Benefit Marketplace” domain names like,, and many many more.

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