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Domain Movers:, And More Domains
FRIDAY,3 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 3rd,Domain Movers is a series where I detect recent domain name movements, mainly all by large companies. These include domain name registrations, domain name acquisitions and domain names simply moving for one reason or another. My main source is the whois database on these changes and whois doesn’t always reveal the exact or whole story so I try to back things up with other means but whois information are the main factor of information stated below, so keep that in mind!

Here we go with the latest Domain Movers:

Nintendo Of America Inc. registered the domain names and adding to its domain name portfolio of over 5,900+ domain names. Both games were announced at E3 2015

Charter Communications Operating, LLC registered the domain names and the reverse adding to its domain name portfolio of about 680 domain names.

The domain names,, and were all registered using generic whois data currently, but was registered by one of the companies. has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name was listed for sale using and was owned by a Eunjung O according to whois records.

Johnson & Johnson registered the domain names and adding to its domain name portfolio of about 42,000 domain names.

ABC, Inc. / Disney registered the domain names /.org as well as,, and

Apple Inc. has taken ownership of the domain names |.net|.org|.info|.biz after acquiring cloud startup Union Bay Networks in November 2014.

Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation registered an attention grabbing domain name with |.net|.org and also registered |.net|.org

Staples, Inc. registered several new domain names and those include:,, and

Time Inc. registered the domain names,,,, and has been acquired by SYMPLICITY from ConnectEDU. ConnectEDU filed for bankruptcy in April 2014 and Symplicity announced the acquisition on June 18, 2014. This was more than just a domain name sale as there is a website with it and business behind the site that “millions of students rely on” according the the announcement made by Symplicity.

Frito Lay which I had reported acquired the domain name in an earlier article has now launched a website on the domain. The domain was purchased from Pat Hartary who acquired the domain in an expired domain auction at GoDaddy for $15, sold the domain for $1,595 to Frito Lay. The domain name was parked with Sedo but the domain was acquired through

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America registered the domain name adding to its domain name portfolio of over 2,100+ domain names.

Microsoft Corporation registered a bunch of domain names (250+), that I would consider “odd” and they also went on to an uncommon name server: NS3.MICROSOFTINTERNETSAFETY.NET

Some of those domains include,,,,,,,,, and many, many more. I’m not sure what is up with this so I reached out to Microsoft for comment. Microsoft wasn’t able to share any details.

Microsoft also made some normal domain registrations that included /.net and /.net

Paypal Inc. has acquired the domain name to go along with which it had recently acquired to match its stock symbol. was acquired via SnapNames according to whois records and was owned by DomCollect prior. DomCollect became the owners of the domain name 2 days after it expired on May 6, 2015 according to whois records from a Christine VanPelt who had it registered at 1and1 since May 6, 2014.

Bureau of Meteorology has acquired the domain name which was listed on Flippa and using its name servers. The domain had a minimum offer of $6,000 and a buy it now of $8,000. also sold February 2013 for $2,515 via NameJet. has been acquired by NetScout Systems Inc. from The domain had a $2,395 buy now price and was registered April 16, 2013.

Disney Enterprises, Inc. also registered the domain names /.net, /.net and

RAINBOW MEDIA HOLDINGS LLC ( has acquired the domain name, a domain that was owned by New Ventures Services ( according to whois records. The domain has been under whois privacy for years at eNom, so it is not clear when New Ventures Services became the owners, but just prior to selling, the domain came out of whois privacy revealing New Ventures Services, which is owned by, but they claim not to.

Amazon Technologies has registered the domain name and giving a clue to what that might be? registered the domain They currently do not own based on whois records. They continued with, and

Amazon has also revealed they were behind the registration of the domain name, a domain that was registered using generic whois data on June 4, 2014.

Google Inc. has obtained from an unknown party as the domain name was under whois privacy at GoDaddy. There is potential that Nest owned the domain already and it simply transferred into Google’s name now. The domain was using Amazon hosting while under privacy and still is, with it redirecting to does not have any records for the domain. They also acquired

OMS Investments, Inc. (Scott’s) registered several “claims” domain names like,, and

Roll Global LLC / The Wonderful Company continues to be an active domain name buyer and has acquired the domain name, a domain that has been registered since May 9, 2003. The domain was acquired on April 9, 2014 when it was parked with

Starz Entertainment, LLC registered the domain names and

Facebook, Inc. has registered the domain names adding to its growing domain name portfolio of over 2,300 domain names.

Ford Motor Company registered the domain name adding to its domain portfolio of over 4,200 domain names. Ford does offer a car call Focus.

Johnson & Johnson registered the domain name adding to its other 42,770 domains.

Carlsberg Breweries A/S has acquired the domain name, which has been registered since October 19, 2006 and was under whois privacy prior. The domain has a listing remaining at Afternic with a minimum offer of $1,000.

Coca Cola / Honest Tea, Inc has registered the domain name DP Beverages Limited, which is also part of Coca Cola, which registered the domain name on May 5, 2015 is readying a site on it as they have switched to Amazon hosting.

Ben Piddington who is a NetNames client has acquired the domain name which was owned by The domain had a $1,888 buy now price tag.

SuperMedia LLC is now doing business as Dex Media. Dex One and SuperMedia agreed to a $100 million dollar merger in 2012. SuperMedia owns domain names like,,, and many more, totaling about 1,600 domain names. SuperMedia is a CSC Corporate Domains client. Dex One Services Inc. is also a CSC Corporate Domains client and owns about 175 domain names, with a couple of those being,, and

Epium LTD. has potentially sold the domain name The domain name was registered with SafeNames and was using SedoParking for awhile but the domain name now has transferred to under whois privacy and using the Fabulous DNS., and have been on the market since around 2011. To note, did sell for $1 Million

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