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.Sucks Gets Almost 3,400 Domain Registrations At Prices Up To $2,499 in Sunrise
MONDAY,23 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on June 23th,the .Sunrise period for the new gTLD .Sucks generated over 3,400 domain name registrations at pricing ranging up to $2,500 per domain name.

Premium .Sucks Sunrise registrations were sold for up to $2,499, with at a wholesale cost of $2,000 as set by the .sucks registry, Vox Populi Registry Ltd.

If all 3,400 registrations in Sunrise were sold at the $2K premium wholesale price, then Vox Populi just pulled in $6.8 Million

Mark Zuckerberg registered no less than 10 .sucks domain names:

Guess it one thing to just suck and another to really or totally suck.

Miley Cyrus registered, Paris Hilton registered and Oprah registered

Hillary Clinton registered, although Bill did not register his .sucks domain.

Miller Beer were just one of many brand who registered multiple Miller sucks domains which probably are and will be costing them 7,500 a year:; and

Sheraton registered:

Even the United States Postal Service, which last I heard were losing billions spent a small fortune on .sucks domain names including:

Even Super Hero’s filed .sucks domain names, including

Company and brands in the Internet Space registered a lot of domain names like,, although there is no domain registration for as of publication.

Many of big name Tech company’s registered their .sucks domain including,,,, and to name a few.

I have no idea how but someone in Russia registered in the Sunrise period.

A trademark on a country, I had no idea you could get one of those.

Many sports team, including many who do actually suck, registered their matching .sucks domain names.

However unlike other Sunrise periods of other new gTLD’s, this time many sports teams did not choose between registering just it’s nickname or of it’ss city + nickname, but covered all possibilities for example the San Francisco 49ers registered:; and

Here is the entire list: sucks sunrise (word)

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