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UDRP’s Filed On:;;;
TUESDAY,16 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on June 16th,UDRP’s have been filed on Filed On:;, and has an original registration date of 1997 and is currently registered to Terra Serve of Grand Cayman and is currently being parked to a generic adult landing page.

Looking at, the domain appears to have been parked for many years except for a time where is was a “contest” page.

There is a trademark filed on the term ewomen which was filed bye WomenNetwork, Inc. of Dallas Texas on April 2012 and granted on December 2012.

The domain name has an original registration date of 2002 and is owned by Michele Dinoia who is no stranger to the UDRP process having been involved in over 50 UDRP’s. There is a trademark on the term GSSF by the gun maker Glock since 1999. is owned by INVENTRA.COM and has an original registration date of May 1996.

There does not seem to be a trademark in the USPTO for term ‘Unbiased”.

The domain name is owned by someone in the UK and has an original registration date of 1997.

There is a trademark for the term “AENA” by AENA AEROPUERTOS, S.A.of Spain which was filed in December 2013 and granted in December 2014.

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