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.porn and .adult gTLD Domain Names Available Today
FRIDAY,5 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on June 5th,New gTLD domain names .porn and .adult become available for registration to the public today (6/4/2015) and there has been a lot of buzz around the two, simply because there often is around the adult industry.

Last night, Stuart Lawley was on Bloomberg talking about .xxx, .porn and .adult that ICM Registry operate and you can watch that video here.

About 6,900 .porn domains have been registered prior to public launch with the highest amount of domains being registered with CSC Corporate Domain registrar according to, with the majority of those registrations likely for brand protection reasons IMO and they will not be used for websites by the vast majority of the owners.


.adult has nearly identical stats according to again with 6,254 domains registered pre public release.

adult (1) is offering pre-registration prices for .porn at $83.99 for .porn and .adult yet this morning as the domains become available at 16:00 UTC according to ICM Registry’s website. I Googled the time and it stated for my location, Central Time Zone: 11:00 AM.

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