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Quick Poll: How Many Sunrise Domain Registrations Will .Sucks Get?
MONDAY,1 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on June 1st,the new gTLD .Sucks has been in the news for a few months since announcing its pricing plan which place a suggested retail price of up to $2,499 for trademark holders.

ICANN claimed .sucks domains were being sold to trademark owners in a “predatory” manner, and took the unprecedented step of asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) if it was legal.

This week the FTC answered and told the ICANN, if you break it you buy it, basically telling ICANN you created the mess and we warned you ahead of time and ignored our advice so, you own it.

The Sunrise period for .sucks was set to end yesterday but got extended for a few weeks once the FTC letter was published and it seems clear that the FTC will not be taking any action otherr than to ridicule ICANN

Many trademark owners that may have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for government intervention will probably jump into Sunrise now.

The question now becomes how many domain name registrations will .sucks wind up with when the newly extended Sunrise period ends.

The current record for the number of Sunrise domain registrations are for .porn and .adult which had some 4,000 registrations each.

However the registration fee for trademark holders in Sunrise in .porn and .adult were substantially less than Sunrise for .sucks which has a suggested retail range from $250-$2,499.

While the .Sucks registry has released some information regarding Sunrise registrations they have not released any numbers.

Our poll on the right is now opened and you can choice from the following choices to place your prediction

Under 500








Over 10,000

If you want bragging rights you can also put your prediction in the comment section.

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