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The Eiffel Tower has Moved; Well On The Internet From .Com To a .Paris

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 19th,one of the most prominent landmarks on this planet has changed its address on the Internet.

The official site for the Eiffel Tower has changed the domain name from (English) and (French) to the domain name TourEiffel.Paris. had been the official site for the world-famous Paris landmark since at least 2007 according to

The domain names and are now being forwarded to its new Internet home at TourEiffel.Paris.

The tower is one the most-visited paid monuments in the world with an average of 25,000 people visiting it daily which comes to around over 8 million people a year

If you’re wondering the same registrant of also owns the domain name but for some unknown reason, that domain is not even resolving.

According to Mark Kychma of “Moves like that will shape the market more and more.””

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