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New York Man Looks to Cash In on

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 18th,here is a story from about a New York man who hit the jackpot, at least in the opinion of some. Michael Katz hand registered the domain four years ago, now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their second child Charlotte, Mr.Katz is getting offers.

The title of the article is a bit misleading, “ owner makes net gain of £6,000 with arrival of Royal baby” One broker Kev from Namepros, gave his opinion which I included below, but the name could sell for more or less, it is safe to say he will certainly get his investment back.

From the article:

He said: “I just like buying fun, interesting domain names and hoping they will end up being worth something one day.

“It is a low investment and I once sold a domain name for an American city to a chamber of commerce for £3,000.

“My wife Ellen tells me it is a silly hobby as I have hundreds.

“In 2011, I read something about modern monarchies and checked to see which royal names were available as a dotcom.

“I purchased as there was a Danish prince of that name.

“I looked up quite a few common princess names and most were already taken but ‘Charlotte’ wasn’t, so I bought that.

“When I read about the royal baby for the first time, I did not even remember that I owned the domain name.

“It was only when I had five enquiries on the first day asking what I wanted to sell it for that I realised what had happened.”

Leading domain name broker Kevin Macpherson valued at around £6,000.

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