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Looks Likes Got $4.8 Million For Withdrawing Its .Coupons New gTLD App

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 18th,Tweets from George Kirikos and Daniel Negari it appears that made a cool $4.8 Million dollars for withdrawing its application for the new gTLD .Coupons

George found an SEC filing that showed received $4.8 million dollars from the sale of a domain name. withdrew its application to operate the new gTLD .Coupons which left Donuts, the only applicant for .Coupons the winner of what appears to have been a private auction or some other method to privately settle contention.

The stated fee of Applicant Auction to conduct private new gTLD auctions was as high as 4% meaning that it is likely that Donuts paid $5 Million for .Coupons and netted $4.8 Million after commission.

Of course it only cost $185,000 to file it’s application for .Coupons making this the best coupon the company ever redeemed.
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