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6 domain name stocks are up at least 10% this year

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 15th,Domain name stocks are reversing their fortunes.

Domain name stocks were a bad bet last year, but 2015 is turning out much better so far. Companies can thank GoDaddy for shining some more light on the industry. This has likely helped and Endurance International Group.

Six companies have a 10% or greater return so far this year. Here’s a list of domain name companies, ordered by highest return this year.

GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) shareholders have been treated to a fairly stable stock price since it began trading on April 1. Those lucky enough to buy in at the IPO price of $20.00 have a nice return of $26.50 of 33%. Shareholders who bought on the open market the first day are about break even.

Rightside (NASDAQ: NAME) has had a wild ride this year. It opened at $6.76 and has topped $10.00 numerous times. It closed yesterday at $8.18, up 21% on the year. (NASDAQ: WWWW) shares up up 21% from $19.13 to $23.12. Its stock got hit last year for a number of struggles, but the company has righted itself. It’s probably also benefiting from attention on GoDaddy.

Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI) is up 12% from 18.50 to 20.75. The company is benefiting from the attention to GoDaddy. It took a hit after a questionable “analyst” report bashed the company, but quickly recovered.

Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) opened the year at $57.23 and is up 12% to $63.85.

Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX) Marchex shares are up 11% from $4.62 to $5.12. Marchex will soon not make this list since it sold its domain name assets to GoDaddy last month.

Minds + Machines (LSE AIM: MMX) is trading in narrow territory. It opened the year at 8.50p and closed yesterday at 8.88p

Neustar (NYSE: NSR) is flat, opening the year at $28.00 and closing yesterday at $28.40. Its price has oscillated based on the latest news about its telecom contract.

Tucows (NASDAQ: TCX) is essentially flat, opening the year at $19.47 and closing yesterday at $19.09. The company’s domain name business remains stable as mobile phone (and soon broadband) revenue become drivers.

Centralnic (LSE AIM: CNIC) started the year at 43.0p and is down to 34.0p, a 21% drop.

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