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.XYZ Starts Taking Domain Registrations Directly From Its Site

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 15th,.XYZ sent out an email the other day announcing that they were taking live domain name direct registrations from their registry site at for .XYZ domains

While a lot of new gTLD registries look like they take registrations from their registry site, I believe that .XYZ joins only Uniregisty as a registry, to have live domain name registrations from the registry site.

.XYZ appears to be a domain name registrar reseller, rather than have their own Registrar credentials.

I would guess they are an Enom reseller.

A .XYZ registration on is $10 a domain.

.College is the next string being launched by the same company that owns .XYZ and also has a live registration site (just for Sunrise) at which is offering free first year registrations to accredited colleges and universities.

I would have thought with ICANN expanding their rules to allow companies to be both a registry and a registrar we would have seen more of this blending approach already.

Typically a registry will refer a customer to one of its ICANN accredited registrars if a domain is available.

Allowing customers to register domains in one seamless transaction from the registry site, seems a natural winner as most customers still have no idea of what the difference between a registry and a registrar is, nor do I think most really care.

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