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Qualcomm, Express and other End User Domain Name Buyers

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 14th,Qualcomm and Express among end user domain name buyers last week.

The top sale on Sedo’s weekly transaction list for the past week was, which I wrote about here.

Although that sale dwarfed the other public sales, some big companies were buyers. Qualcomm, Express and Choice hotels all made purchases. Also take a look at the €7,949 price paid for a hyphenated new top level domain name!

Here’s a look at end user domain name sales at Sedo from the past week:

Previous weeks’ lists can be found here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names through Sedo, check out this free downloadable guide. $233,333 – sold this domain name to the company that has the Same app for the Chinese market. It uses the domain name Sedo was the escrow provider for this domain. €7,949 – HealthCity Beheer B.V., a company in the netherlands that owns the domain name Quit a stiff payment for this domain name! £12,000 – The Loans Engine, a UK company that offers secured loans, bought its acronym. $5,788 – Market Research Media Ltd, a company that does what its name says, has already launched a site on this great domain name. €3,500 – STA, a student travel agency. €1,999- Futura-Sciences, a science publication. $10,000 – Kevin Laws, COO of Angelist. $1,200 – Technology consulting firm Signal IO, Inc. It doesn’t appear that they own $795 – CSC is the registrant of record for this domain name, most likely for Choice Hotels, which owns Quality Inn. $899 – Amerinational Community Services, a company involved with affordable housing. €2,000 – Coworking company Plug, which uses $965 – Workfront, provider of project management software (including for marketing plans). They operate a marketing news site at $850 – Viprinet Europe GmbH, provider of internet connectivity services. $1,995 – Wall decor company KundL Wall Art GmbH, which also recently bought the domain name for €1,000. $2,895 – Fonbet Corp., a gambling service. $999 – Lightsail energy, an energy storage company. It doesn’t own the matching .com domain. $3,500 – Hygiene Solutions, a company that offers decontamination services. $1,500 – Food Trends Category, a New York caterer shortened its domain name from $3,650 – Inspire Energy, a clean energy provider. £6,999 – Clothing company Express. €31,000 – NVA Online Advertising BV. It translates to “auctions”. $9,800 – Qualcomm, which forwards the domain name here: The company also owns

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