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.Design Winds Up With Over 5K Domain Registrations After 1st Day

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 14th,.Design which launched into general availability (GA) on Tuesday wound up with 5,204 domain registrations according to

The 5,204 domain names include all registrations during the Sunrise period by Trademark Holders and those who paid an extra fee to get early access to domain registrations ahead of GA (Early Access Program).

We chatted yesterday that mostly every domain name was available in the launch of .Design including single and two letter domain names, three-letter domains, Geo domains, many of which had premium registration and renewal prices.

We actually confirmed with the registry that only around 200 domain names were reserved by the registry.

I just went to the zone file and i found quite a few two and three-letter domains as well as some really nice generic but a lot of registrations with a persons first and last name so I would say a lot of end users.

Here are some of the more interesting registrations:

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