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.Design Is Live & Almost Everything is Available Including Single Letter & Two Letter

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 13th,.Design just launched today into general availability and virtually every domain name is available including single letters and two letter domain names, for a price.

Domain names like E.Design and A.Design and X.Design can be registered for $6,500 with renewal pricing at $6,500 a year at Godaddy (i.Design and are either taken or reserved).

You.Design is likewise priced around $6,500 a year. is priced at $2,500 a year as is Tv.Design

Domains like Great.Design and Top/Design are priced around $900 a year

Some two letter domain names can be registered for as little as $350 a year like,

Perfect.Design is priced at $350 a year

Geo domain name like NYC.Design and Miami.Design are priced around $2,600 a year

Of course do vary based on the registrar and if you have a special rate plan with a registrar.

Some domain names have been registered at premium rates including and that were available yesterday which I think were priced around 900 a year.

We registered these domains:

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