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What Do You Get From 10K Free Domains? Some Great; Some Horrible; Lots of TM Infringe

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 8th,As we wrote yesterday a domain registrar was offering free .Party domains for registration, so we went in to get a sample of the 10,000+ domains that were registered under the new gTLD yesterday.

Not surprisingly I found some horrible registrations, a lot of trademark infringing registrations and some domain I wish I would have registered.

On the horrible side I found the soon to be very valuable domain names of &

On the other hand there are quite a few good domains registered that I should have taken the time to grab before telling you about the free domains

As you would expect three numbered, three letter domains were grabbed right away.

Also there were enough what appears to be bang on trademark infringing domain names that were registered that would keep one trademark attorney busy enough for many years.

I didn’t go through all 10K+ plus domains that were registered yesterday since for one I have other things to do, and have a life, but here is a random sample of selected domain names that were registered yesterday for free:

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