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.Club domain names by the numbers

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 7th,A view of how .Club domain names are being used one year after the TLD launched.

.Club celebrates the first anniversary of its general availability tomorrow. The top level domain name has eclipsed 200,000 domain names, making it one of the most-registered new top level domain names.

What are people doing with these domain names? I once again turned to to take a look underneath the hood.

In a recent crawl, dataprovider was able to reach about three-quarters of the registered .Club domain names.

The majority of sites have registrar placeholder pages, but a solid 37% have content:


The majority of sites on .Club domains (including parked and placeholder) have just one page, but many sites, such as, have hundreds of pages.


Of the websites dataprovider crawled, English was the dominant language. .Club is also popular for people speaking Japanese, German, Russian and Chinese. This does not include all of the people that speak these languages and have just parked their domains.


Data from dataprovider also paints a positive picture about usage with several other metrics:
•17,000+ sites had email address to contact the owner and about 6,000 have phone numbers.
•Close to 5,000 sites (or sites the domains forward to) have SSL certificates installed.
•1,000 sites have an online store.
•Close to 20,000 sites have a CMS installed and over 10,000 have WordPress.

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