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It’s Official: NameJet Will Only Report Pending Delete Domains With 3 Or More Bidders

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 6th,, the domain auction platform, recently implemented a change to how they display backorder information for dropping domains; i.e. domains in “pending delete” status.

Since late-April NameJet is no longer displaying backorder or bid information for domains with less than 3 backorders on pending delete domains.

This might make it more difficult for customers to find domains that already have some interest and value, but it will prevent people from leveraging the research efforts of domain investors and could also result in lower auction prices.

However, it could help improve NameJet’s success in the drop by limiting the focus on these domains by other auction platforms.

Obviously as people see backorders on pending delete domains on they will backorder them on the other drop catcher platforms as well, basically using Namejet’s information to create competition for on the drop.

Jonathan Tenenbaum, the General Manager of NameJet told

“We instituted this change to benefit our customers. While displaying the backorder information provides some insight into which domains have traction and this leads to more backorders on those names, it also frustrates customers who spend a good amount of time finding hidden gems in the drop. This also allows other aftermarket platforms to target these same domains. So we wanted to try to better safeguard our customers’ efforts in order to provide them with better results and an overall better experience. So far we have been happy with the impact and we will continue to evaluate and adjust things as needed.”

I this suggested change to executives a few years ago.

Personally it was very frustrating for me to spend hours going through drop lists only to see those domain names that only I had backordered appear on what was the top 50 backorder list mailed every day out to customers or easily searchable on system.

I personally stopped backordering many dropping domains on Namejet for that reason.

This means a few things.

The list we all are used to getting of pending delete domains is now only going contain domain names that have 3 or more backorders

While the old list was the 50 top pending delete domains, the vast majority of the list was domains that had one and two backorders.

The new list that we have been receiving in the last couple of weeks does not have a set number of domains.

The pending delete list will be as long or short as it needs to be based the number of on pending delete domains which have 3 or more backorders and will go out during the pending delete cycle so you may see the same domain name on multiple days lists.

NameJet is betting on is that customers will backorder more dropping domains not fearing that if they find a gem no one else finds that other customers won’t use their hard work to jump on board.

This change does NOT apply to pre-release domain names, which are domains dropping directly from registrars that drop their domains directly to like,, and, nor does it apply to privately owned domains that are put up for sale by their owners on

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