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Domain Movers:,, and More Domains

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 5th,Domain Movers digs deep to find domain names that have been acquired by large companies. Some domains may have simply been registered and others are moving around for some other reason.

These are often early detections into new startups, new brands, new products and much more. Enjoy the domain data! has been acquired with the help of domain broker Bill Sweetman of for Inc. The domain name was acquired on October 9, 2013 according to whois records and later went into whois privacy. was registered June 4, 1994 and is a platform that makes learning practical skills universally accessible, through a skills-based video library that is created and curated by a community of people practicing the skills needed to succeed in today’s world. The site launched on April 24, 2015.

Twitter Inc. registered several domain names and those include:,,, and They also registered and has changed ownership from Gannett Co., Inc to OnCourse Learning Corporation. Gannett Healthcare Group was sold to OnCourse Learning as announced in late December 2014 and one of the assets of GHG was! was likely the most valuable domain, but many others were included in the transaction. Some of those are,,,,,, and to mention a few of the 42 domains that I could find.

Whirlpool Properties, Inc. registered the domain name . Shell International Petroleum Company Limited owns the domain name but they are not using it currently.

Doctor’s Associates Inc. (Subway) has registered the domain name to add to its other 270 domain names.

Land O Lakes, Inc. registered the domain name has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client as the domain went into the generic DNStination Inc. in whois. The domain name was owned by Anything’s Possible, Inc. and a Brandon Reeves since at least 2001. On April 28, 2014 the domain changed registrants to The Treadstone Group, Inc. and a Ross Bulla of Denver, NC. On August 14, 2014 the domain went into privacy protection at GoDaddy. The domain has since transferred into MarkMonitor.

“ The Treadstone Group, Inc., investigates and anonymously acquires trademarks and domain names on behalf of many of the world’s largest brand owners and law firms.” So the domain sale took place in April 2014.

Allergan, Inc. has registered the domain name to add to its 4,700 other domain names. which is owned by XO Group Inc. ( has began redirecting to was a full website with over 227,000 indexed pages in Google. XO Group owns about 1,600 domain names. has transferred ownership from Pacific National Bank to Goldleaf Technologies / Pacific National Bank changed ownership in October 2014 according to this article. has changed ownership according to whois records. The domain name was using the generic whois details of DNStination Inc. at MarkMonitor and was parked with Sedo. The domain name is now showing ownership of Rosenblum Associates, Inc. and is now registered at Yahoo! had owned the domain back in the day according to whois records, but I wasn’t able to confirm if they were the sellers. was acquired by Allstate Insurance Company at Sedo for $3,500 on April 1, 2014. The domain does not resolve yet.

Franklin Networks has acquired the domain name, which was owned by Telepathy, Inc. The transaction took place on November 17, 2014 according to whois records. Franklin Neworks Inc. own other domain names like, and Entré to mention a few. which has had some movements recently in whois being owned by LLC and moving to whois privacy on May 15, 2014 with a transfer to under privacy is now listed for sale using the new domain name brokerage service which is owned by Tracey Fogarty. Interesting to note, in the eNaming listing for, it states the domain name is getting hundreds of thousands of visits by direct navigation a year! has been acquired by The Coca-Cola Company on December 26, 2014 from for $2,088 and they have launched an ad campaign with the domain names term in it… with a focus on the hashtag #doingood for the Minute Made brand. Only the hashtag was displayed and not the domain name in the ad that I watched. has not been acquired by Coca-Cola.

Thomson Reuters Global Resources has acquired the domain name from The domain had a $6,000 listing price. The domain was registered at eNom and transferred to Dynadot on around 2/18/2015 under privacy and has since transferred to MarkMonitor.

OneStop Gaming N.V. has registered the domain name

Creston plc has registered the domain names / .net. Crestion is a marketing communications group delivering a range of digital technology-based marketing solutions.

AOL, Inc. owns the domain name and redirects it to

Stokely – Van Camp, Inc (Pepsico/Gatorade) has registered the domain name

Amazon Technologies has been rumored to be going to offer “Prime For Business” and they registered several domain names to this as well with: / .info / .biz to go along with the .com and .net they already own.,,, and for an example.

Kellogg Company moved around several of its main domain names like, and to new hosting. Interesting to note, is redirecting to error message “service Unavailable” and this move has taken down it’s main website in some fashion. The domain names are registered with MarkMonitor.


I also thought that P&G owned the Pringles brand but Kellogg’s purchased it around May 2012. transferred to Kellogg on June 12, 2012.

Hulu, LLC has obtained the domain name The domain name was registered at on March 14, 2014 under a “Jane Monica Jones” with the matching name as a gmail address. The domain has since transferred to CSC Corporate Domains under the Hulu brand.

BLAKE EDUCATION PTY LIMITED has acquired the domain name from a Nick Greer on November 16, 2014 according to whois records. Phonics reading has been around for sometime but I wasn’t able to find much details on this latest movement.

Disney Enterprises, Inc. registered the domain name

Unilever Plc has acquired the domain name at Sedo for a currently unknown amount. The domain has been registered since 2004. Unilever owns over 7,000 domain names.

SheIn Group Ltd. ( were the buyers of, which was sold by domain investor Barry Shein for $95,000. They are currently redirecting to has changed registrants according to whois from a Reply! Inc. to GroupCars. The domain name has been registered since October 1994 and did have a website on it.

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