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30 More Big Brand Fails: Bang On Trademarked Domains Continue To Drop To Third Party

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 5th,this is another post in our continuing series of bang on trademarked domain names that drop and the continuing failure of brand holders to catch them on the drop allowing third parties to register them and control them.

All of these domains were owned by someone other than the trademark holder then dropped and could have been picked up by the trademark holder if they pursed the domain in the drop.

Instead of the trademark holder registering these domains when they dropped, third parties, picked up the domain names in the drop and almost all of them are going to a parked page except for several which are actually attempting to sell the product or trick people into downloading what is commonly referred to a malware

You can see some of previous posts on this subject here, here, and here

Here are 30 more:

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