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.Science Still Getting Over 3K registrations A Day: Is This a Revolution or.TK

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 20th,.Science which launched at the end of February is still adding more domain registrations a day than any other new gTLD extension by far on a daily basis

Yesterday .Science added another 3K+ domain registrations as it did the day before and the day before that.

Around 85% of all registrations are coming from which gave away about 50K domain names for free and are currently selling .Science domain for $.49.

I’ve seen other registrars selling .Science domains for a dollar.

Of course .Science is not the only new gTLD that registrars are selling for very low cost.

I even have an offer for .Ninja domains for $.99 right now.

But I think its an indication of where the non-Donuts extension are being marketed and sold and I don’t think its good for the new gTLD program as a whole.

For the registry I get it.

They have to pay ICANN a minimum of $25K a year at $.18 per domain so they may as well have domains in circulation and pay the $25K than have 300 domains registered and still pay the $25K. A certain percentage of these will get renewed at normal rates next year so at the end an extension like .Science which isn’t a higely deep vertical especially for business, winds up with more registrations after year one than they could ever hope for.

I’m not sure how this type of marketing campaign that winds up with this many nonsensical registrations help the mission statement of the new gTLD program which is to give consumers choices in the domain space due to “all the good .com’s being registered”

I still believe that the new gTLD program could provide choices to consumers, startup and billions of people that don’t own a domain name.

However these free, to almost free domain programs, are looking more like the ccTLD of .tk which has over 25 million registered domains, than a revolution in the domain space.

Back to .Science, there are now around 127,000 .Science domain names registered

I decided to see what domain names got registered yesterday.

Here are the domain starting from 0-through the letter e according to Registered.Today (that list changes everyday)

Bottom line in my opinion there are very few domain registrations that make any sense or have any relationship to the .Science vertical.

What do you think?

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