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Owners of C.UK Generating 100,000 Uniques a month

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 14th,Mike stumbled upon a very interesting use of a typo domain in the .UK extension. If you go to like Mike did, or any domain where you leave off the o in, you get a page that explains that the company behind the domain is The company has apparently done a lot of work helping charities and they are also owners of and the matching

So what the company is doing is using a wildcard on any typos and bringing users to this landing page, the page explains who they are and what plans they have for utilizing

They get a fair amount of traffic, from the landing page:

How many people do this?

Quite a lot actually! We get over 100,000 unique individuals a month visiting our site. This adds up quite quickly, as each year we have about 1.37 million people visiting us, or to put it better 2.1% of the entire UK population. That’s enough to fill Old Trafford over 18 times!

It is nice to see they are focused on a charitable mission, with 100,000 visits a month they can probably make some kind of a difference.

Best of luck

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