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Sex Domains Big Business In Australia

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 13th,Iconic.Sydney published an article about Sex and Domains, there is a combo, they go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Apparently sex related names are becoming a popular choice with the new Aussie based gtlds.

From the article:

Sydney and Melbourne now have their very own corner of the Internet with the recent introduction of .sydney and .melbourne web addresses (think and Last week, we saw a spike in registrations of sex-related domain names in Sydney and Melbourne.

Overall, adult industry domain names accounted for just over 5% of last week’s registrations, making them more popular than food and hospitality (3.7%), beauty and cosmetics (2.9%) and medical services (2.6%).

The sex industry: driving online innovation?

The fact the Australian adult industry is pimping .melbourne and .sydney domain names is no surprise. The adult industry has long been a barometer for successful innovations online – with some attributing the industry with driving uptake of technologies such as streaming video, e-commerce and even digital cameras.

The high number and consistent registrations of sex-based domain names in .melbourne and .sydney are a demonstration that the industry sees significant value in new geographic Top Level Domains.

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