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ICANN Publishes Its Tax Return; Spends $46M In Salaries; $17M In Travel

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 8th,ICANN just published its tax return, Form 990, for the year ending June 30, 2014.

ICANN Revenue decreased from the year earlier to $127 Million from $236 Million.

However salaries & compensation rose from $32 Million to $46 Million.

Total expenses in 2014 were $124 Million against last years $150 Million.

ICANN ended its fiscal year with $193 Million in net assets up from $168 Million in the prior year.

The CEO of ICANN made $842K in reportable compensation and another $56K from “other compensation”

Akram Atalllah made $654K and $59K respectively.

In all 92 people received reportable compensation of $100K or more for the tax year ending in 2014.

ICANN took in $37 Million from the new gTLD program.

ICANN spent over $17 Million in Travel plus another $6.7 million on conferences.

ICANN only spent $220,000 on advertising and promotion.

ICANN seems to have spent $40 Million of its cash hoard in the tax year ending up with just over $24 Million.

ICANN ended the year with investments in publicly traded securities of $285 Million.

ICANN spent $576,00 on lobbyists for the year.

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