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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 7th,welcome to the latest round of company domain name movers. This series exclusively digs deep to find new acquired domain names, newly registered domain names and simply domain movers owned by some of the largest companies on the internet, plus more. Here we go with a huge list of domain movers!

Betaworks Studio, LLC has registered the domain name

Schroders plc and asset management company registered the domain name on 12/12/2014 and is redirecting it to, has just registered and to go along with the .com.

Atlas Copco AB has registered the domain name has been acquired from by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain had a listing price of $2,588 and was likely the sales price. The domain was purchased using Afternic and also used Afternic Escrow according to whois records.

Unilever Plc, owners of the Vaseline brand have registered the domain name has likely been sold by CA Technologies ( who is a CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name appears to have come with the business NetQos which CA acquired in 2009 and wasn’t really in use. The domain name transferred to Network Solutions under privacy protection. has been registered since 1991. has been acquired by according to whois records from Global Websoft. The domain was using Andrew is a domain name broker, so there is potential this was purchased for a client but Andrew also acquires domain names for his company. has been sold by Legal Brand Domains, LLC according to whois records and its owner Braden Pollock. The domain name has transferred out of Epik and is currently under privacy protection at / Dotster. I reached out to Braden and he confirmed the domain name sale, which he sold for $65,000 to an end user. He purchased the domain name for $9,200 in October 2013. Speaking of return on investment! which was heavily promoted on and sold for $136,400 was acquired by Lirong Shi with a “” email address. was acquired on 9/29/2014 by the formally known site Handybook, which re-branded to simply Handy. This is a cleaning start-up with about $60 Million in funding and was launched in January 2012. They had a $30 Million Series B round in June 2014.

Zappos IP, Inc. has registered the domain names and .net.

Yahoo! Inc. has gained ownership of from RayV inc. The domain actually changed ownership on 2/19/2015 but only the registrant email changed to somebody at Yahoo. It took until 3/31/2015 for Yahoo! Inc. to appear as the registrant. RayV Inc., a video streaming start-up was acquired by Yahoo! in June 2014 and is the reason behind the change of ownership for the domain. is listed on for sale. redirects to doesn’t resolve but is also owned by Yahoo!

Verizon Wireless has acquired the domain name from UBC Ltd with a “” email address. UBC purchased the domain name at Afternic October 15, 2013 for $3,800 from GNO, Inc. Where Verizon came up with the idea that this would be a good domain name for something… I’m not sure! It’s simply confusing with the several ways to spell the terms “Where, Wear, Ware”. Add in double confusing sounds like terms together and the potential to cover bases becomes challenging. WhereWhere, WearWear, WareWear etc. I reached out to the seller but did not hear back at time of posting.

Charter Communications has announced that they will acquire Bright House Networks for $10.4 Billion. The good news, both use the same domain name registrar CSC Corporate Domains! Bright House owns a little over 800 domain names but really owns little “good” domain names in “generic” nature.,, are about the most valuable domains owned.

Husqvarna AB which uses corporate domains services CSC Corporate Domains has switched domain names servers on the generic domain name to CSC owned name servers from GoDaddy. The domain name is currently registered at GoDaddy with the registrant under a personal name “Jim Parello” with a Husqvarna email address. I would expect this domain to transfer into CSC for consolidation purposes so it is not forgotten. has taken the same path and is a Husqvarna owned domain. is a fully developed website has registered the domain name to go along with its 2,500 other domain names. which has a interesting past to it, mainly because it was forced deleted at Dotster and then held by the registry.. then was activated by court order on 1/16/2015 and went under registrant data as Branded Holding Group and “” while being parked using . The very next day whois data changed to generic information and by 1/19/2015 the dnslink name servers were removed and the standard CSC domain name servers were displayed. As of April 1, 2015 started using / and is displaying a Google Ad on the domain. I did not see a “for sale link” on the domain.

Branded Holding Group owns, and several generic one word domain names like,, but isn’t confirmed to currently own with the domain name generic nature of whois information. To note, many Branded Holding Group domain names do use the name servers.

Based on past research that I did, SOJCOM, LLC has a connection to Branded Holding Group.

American Express has listed several domain names for sale, some of those include:,,, PayCenter and The domains were listed with the brokerage service Winged Media. Johnson and Johnson also listed the domain name for sale. You can visit any of the domains directly and place an offer of the domain via the contact form listed.

VeriSign, Inc. has registered the domain name which is owned by Quidsi, Inc. / Amazon is redirecting the domain name to was registered on April 23, 1987! Based on research that I did, it appears started redirecting to about April 2014, with being the main domain name prior to that. recently changed hosting, as Quidsi has been moving its domain names off Total Uptime hosting. which is a new start-up founded in March 2015 under LP Media Co acquired the domain on 2/10/2015. The domain name was listed for sale for $1,099 BIN at Sedo. Sadly for them, they must not visit the site directly or they would see they currently have an “untrusted connection” with the SSL they have. The SSL is only active on but that domain redirects to . It is always a good idea to visit your own site, in different browsers to see what others see! It’s something minor but it can result in seeing issues like this. has been registered since 1996 and is a Chiropractic adjusting tool and is not associated with

Sony Creative Software Inc. registered several “catalyst” domain names like,, and the hyphen version of each of those. They also registered and do not own the non-hyphenated version, as Yahoo! owns that. They also registered and

Microsoft Corporation has registered the domain names and They also registered (Jackrabbit Technologies owns the .com).

Eveready Battery Company, Inc. has registered the domain name

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