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You May Have To go To Auction To Get Your Brand.Sucks Domain

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 3rd,we received toady by the registrar, now that the .Sucks domain extension has launched they are pricing the “reserved” .sucks domains at $2,199 well below the $2,499 suggested retail price, however the PR makes it clear that you could wind up in an auction for a domain.

Here is the info from the PR:

There are two distinct launch phases for the .SUCKS extension:

TMCH Sunrise Phase, for those validated in the Trademark Clearinghouse

Begins 30 March 2015 to 29 May, 2015

Domain names will be allocated after the phase has closed.

Multiple applications will go to auction.

Certain names may be reserved or considered premium names.

1 year: $2199.18.

Renewals for this domain are $2199.18 per year.

Whois privacy is not available for this extension.

General Availability

Begins 1 June, 2015

1 year: $249.18

Renewals for this domain are $249.18 per year.

Whois privacy is not available for this extension.

The dotSucks registry has created a list of domains called “Sunrise Premium” with the aim of further protecting rights-holders. This list was created by analyzing previous Top Level Domain Sunrises and Block product purchases. This protects you, as the brand owner, from having your domain purchased after Sunrise for $249 by a potentially disgruntled party. If a premium domain was not purchased in Sunrise, the domain will still be available to all during General Availability; however the premium price will apply. Our “Sunrise Premium” pricing is $2199.18.

If you have a Trademark Clearinghouse Validation, I highly recommend that you purchase your domain during the Sunrise period. This removes it from the market for General Availability, where the public may purchase the domain after 1 June, 2015.

Blocking Option

The registry recognizes that some may simply want to block a name from being used in the dotSucks namespace. To facilitate this, dotSucks has created a product that will allow anyone to have the ability to place any domain available as a Standard Registration domain on the reserved list. This will prevent any registration of the domain. The blocking option will be available only after General Availability begins on 1 June, 2015. Pricing will be approximately 25% less than a standard registration.

Blocks are NOT available on Premium or Sunrise Premium domains. This means, that if your term is deemed premium, you will not be able to block it and you must purchase during one of the phases noted above.

I am available to discuss your options over the phone should you need assistance. It’s my continuing goal that you secure the domains that will strengthen your brand and catapult your business success to the next level.

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