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After Shares Hit An All Time Low, CentralNic Issues an Update On Their gTLD’s

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 2nd,after its shares hit an all time low yesterday, CentralNic Group plc (AIM:CNIC) issued an update on “CentralNic gTLDs”

CentralNic is a back-end provider for new gTLD’s

Shares rose today 1p to 24p.

” CentralNic is pleased to report that following successful completion of auction processes, the gTLDs .online, .site, .tech, .love, .forum, .fan, .rent, and .realty will be made available to customers around the world exclusively via the CentralNic platform. CentralNic also recently won the tender to be the exclusive technical platform provider for the .coop TLD.

· .online – the gTLD of choice for anyone setting up an online presence

· .site – a generic TLD and a home on the internet for all users of the world

· .tech – for technology start-ups, organisations, enthusiasts and innovators

· .love – for dating and wedding celebrations, literature and hobbies or activities pursued with passion

· .forum – a gTLD devoted to online group chat and video communication for the large online forum community

· .fan -allowing sports, music and other entertainment brands, fan sites, forums and discussion groups to register more relevant internet domains

· .rent – the domain for anything for hire including the property rental sector

· .realty – for use by the real estate & property markets

· .coop – aspecific domain dedicated to cooperatives (a multi-trillion dollar sector employing 224 million people worldwide)


CentralNic has already fully launched nine gTLDs and is currently ranked second globally with over 940,000 new gTLD domains under management gTLDs successfully launched successfully to date on the CentralNic platform: .wiki, .ink, .bar, .rest, .press, .host, .website, .space, and .xyz.

.xyz is now retailed actively through 108 ICANN accredited registrars – more than any other new gTLD, and it represents circa 18% of the over 4.8 million domains registered under the new gTLDs.

Recently, CentralNic has also launched .design, available to register initially for trademark holders until 28 April 2015. After this date .design will become available to all and is expected to appeal to a broad audience who identify themselves as designers. The global .college gTLD has also recently started the launch process via CentralNic’s platform, with a unique first-year-free campaign tailored to all institutions currently using the country-specific .edu and domains


CentralNic’s clients have nineteen additional new gTLDs that have contracted with ICANN and are progressing towards launch. These fall into two categories:

1. gTLDs to be exclusively supplied to retailers via the CentralNic wholesale platform. These domains include: .fans, .feedback, .contact, .pid, and .tickets.

2. “DotBrand” gTLDs for corporations using the CentralNic platform to power their own business names or brand names as Top-Level Domains in order to create a branded universe of websites. The following CentralNic clients have signed their ICANN contracts for a total of seven gTLDs for internal or restricted use: William Morris Endeavor IMG, Saudi Telecom, Kuwait Finance House, and The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts in the USA.

Commenting on the gTLD business update, CentralNic CEO, Ben Crawford said: “I am delighted that so many of the savviest gTLD applicants, from successful entrepreneurs to global blue chip companies, have selected us to partner with them to deliver their gTLDs. It is my view that we are servicing the most compelling portfolio of gTLDs of any provider in the world, and it continues to get bigger and better.””

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