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nTLDStats Reports Over 1.25 Million People Have Registered The 4.8 M New gTLD Domains

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 1st, is reporting that the number of Unique Registrants of a new gTLD domain name is just over 1.25 Million registrants.

The total number of new gTLD domain names registered are now over 4.8 Million.

Some other interesting numbers from about the registrants of new gTLD’s:

Frank Schilling North Sound Names has the largest number of new gTLD registration with over 183,000 registrations of as far as we can tell all in new gTLD extensions of Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry.

Uniregistry has a total of 322,197 domains registered in its extensions, so North Sound Domains owns more domain names in Uniregistry strings than all other registrations combined or over 56%.

The second largest registrant is the .Realtor Registry which is represents the free .Realtor domain names its is giving away to licensed Realtors.

The third largest registrant is DomCollect AG which is owned by the same company that owns and there over 42,000 registrations are mostly in the free .Berlin domain names that were offered for a couple of days last year.

The 4th largest registrant of new gTLD domain names is DomainProfi GmbH who owns almost 27,000 domains which the vast majority are free .berlin domain names as well.

The 5th largest registrant is associated with an arm of the Chinese government Qinfeng Li which registered over 20K IDN in two new gTLD extension run by the TLD Registry.

The 6th largest registrant is Ralf Ganser, of Land Berlin which owns over 13,000 mostly free .Berlin domain names.

The 9th largest registrant is Pierre-Eli Normandeau who registered around 7,500 mostly free .science domain names.

The 10th largest registrant is a domainer, Innovation HQ, Inc. who has over 10,000 new gTLD registrations and we think the largest registrant of new gTLD domain names that is not affiliated with any new gTLD registry which has paid for the vast majority of their registrations.

For the record my company Worldwide Media, Inc. is listed as number 86 on the published list of the top 100 registrants which is now calling handles.

Over 3 million of the 4.8 million domain names or 62% of all new gTLD’s are parked, which includes those not having a name server, No Record, HTTP Error and those domain names being redirected to another domain, including those in other extensions like .com.

Over 8% of all new gTLD’s are being redirected to another domain name.

.Club has more domain names registered than Rightside which has 33 new gTLD extensions launched.

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