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Taylor Swift Registers But May Have Missed

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on March 23th,there are at least 50 stories in non-domain publications about Taylor Swift registering two new gTLD domain names TaylorSwift.Porn and yesterday in the Sunrise period.

However another domain name was registered yesterday which didn’t make any headlines,

The domain name was registered yesterday under privacy at

The domain name remains unregistered today which leads me to believe it was not the Ms. Swift who registered the domain.

It seems much more likely that was registered by someone reading one of those stories in the non-domainer publications like Billboard and TMZ and went ahead and registered the .com which was available to be registered.

Unlike .porn and .adult domains which are not live yet (except for the ICM Registry who is the operator of .porn and .adult own site), works right now, and looks to be like a glaring big miss by her and/or her representatives.

Speaking of ICM Registry, they are also the Registry for .XXX.

If you’re wondering who owns, the answer appears to be no one., that domain was one of thousands that the registry reserved before launching .XXX on its own accord back in 2011, so Taylor didn’t have to buy domain to protect it from being owned by a third-party as I’m guessing is as of today.

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