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Hip-Hop Artist Wiz Khalifa Files UDRP On, Registered in 2007

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on March 20th,Hip-Hop artist and rapper Wiz Khalifa whose real name is Cameron Thomaz, filed a UDRP again the owner of the domain name with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The domain name was first registered in August 2007 according to but according to there was a site on the domain going back to 2005.

However again according to, going to the domain appears to have been going to a parked page from 2008 until 2014 and now is going to a Godaddy placeholder.

Wiz Khalifa intellectual property company, Wiz Khalifa Trademark, LLC registered a trademark with the USPTO on May 7, 2014 on the term “Taylor Gang” which seems geared towards the e-cig, Vaporizers, the vape, and vapor market but actually covers almost anything you can smoke and any product you can use related to smoking:

“Vaporizers for the ingestion and inhalation of tobacco and other herbal matter; electronic smoking vaporizers, namely, electronic cigarettes, and electronic smoking vaporizers for use as an alternative to traditional cigarettes; smoker’s vaporizer pipe cartridge sold empty; smokeless cigar vaporizer pipes; smokeless cigarette vaporizer pipes; tobacco grinders; cigarette rolling papers; ashtrays; cigar and cigarette boxes; cigar cases; cigar cutters; cigar holders; cigar humidifiers; cigar lighters; cigar tubes; cigar wraps; cigarette ash receptacles; cigarette cases; cigarette filters; cigarette holders; cigarette lighter holder; cigarette lighters not for land vehicles; cigarette paper; cigarette papers; cigarette rolling machines; cigarette tubes; cigarette-rolling machines; clips for attaching cigarette lighters onto objects; computerized cigarette lighters; electric cigarettes; electric cigars; electronic cigarettes; electronic cigarette lighters; electronic cigarette refill cartridges sold empty; electronic cigars; electronic hookahs; electronic smoking pipes; filter tips; flints and firestones; flints for lighters; hand-held machines for injecting tobacco into cigarette tubes; holder for a cigarette pack and lighter; holders for cigars and cigarettes; hookah parts, namely, hoses, bowls, mouthpieces, and bases; hookahs; humidors; lighter flints; lighters for smokers; liquefied gas cylinders for cigarette lighters; machines allowing smokers to make cigarettes by themselves; match boxes; match holders; matches; paraffin matches; pipe pouches; pipe tampers; pocket apparatus for rolling cigarettes; pocket appliances for rolling one’s own cigarettes; pocket devices for self-rolling of cigarettes; pocket machines for rolling cigarettes; pocket-size cigarette rolling machines; safety matches. smoker’s articles, namely, filter tubes, metal pocket-sized receptacles with lids for cigarette butts, keystones for pipes, cigar storage tubes, cigar glue, rehydration tubes, containment clips used to keep a cigar from falling apart, cigar relighting liquid solution, and hookah charcoal; smoking pipe cleaners; smoking pipe racks; smoking pipes; smoking urns; snuff boxes; snuff dispensers; sulfur matches; tobacco filters; tobacco jars; tobacco pipe cleaners; tobacco pipes; tobacco pouches; tobacco tins; tobacco water pipes; yellow phosphorus matches”

We will let you know how this turns out.

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