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Can Hollywood Stop Popcorn Time ?

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on March 19th,Andy Greenberg did a story on Wired that was a great read for those interested in the intellectual property battles around the Internet when it comes to piracy and how each side plays the game.

The article centers around Popcorn Time and Greenberg interviewed one of the programmers under an alias. The programmer discussed how they are looking to go p2p so that no matter how many domains are suspended it won’t matter. These guys so far are not making any money they seem to be doing it for the admiration of their users and believe what they are doing is not illegal.

From the article:

The video streaming service made BitTorrent piracy as easy as Netflix, but with far more content and none of those pesky monthly payments. Hollywood quickly intervened, pressuring Popcorn Time’s Argentinian developers to walk away from their creation. But anonymous coders soon relaunched the copyright-flouting software. Today, Popcorn Time is growing at a rate that has likely surpassed the original, and the people behind it say they’re working on changes designed to make the service virtually impervious to law enforcement.

Popcorn Time isn’t a new kind of piracy so much as an inviting new front-end interface for the BitTorrent underground. The software collects and organizes popular files from existing BitTorrent sources like the Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Isohunt, and YTS. “We’re like Google,” Pochoclin says, “scraping for new content all over the internet.”

On the matter of whether it is illegal, the article continued:

Pochoclin says the service doesn’t do anything illegal: It merely organizes preexisting BitTorrent files hosted on other sites. “It’s all automated and all working on existing open source technologies and existing websites online. Therefore, it’s legal. Or better … not illegal,” Pochoclin says. “We all live in a free society, where what is not forbidden is allowed.”

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