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Google Domains joins Afternic

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on March 6th, Domains listed on Afternic will show up for searches on Google Domains.

Google’s new domain name registrar is now part of AfternicDLS and its fast transfer network, according to an announcement on the website:

Google Domains has joined Afternic DLS and will be part of our Fast Transfer network. Afternic domains that are opted into Premium Promotion will be promoted on Google Domains. We are delighted to add Google Domains to Afternic DLS, the world’s largest premium domain reseller network.

Although I don’t believe Google’s domain name registrar is generating a ton of registrations or domain searches yet, this is good news for domain name investors. Google Domains is targeted to end users that will create websites. Showing them that their desired domain name is available — just at a higher cost — is good messaging compared to just saying it’s taken. It should also hopefully lead to more aftermarket sales in the future as Google Domains gains traction.

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