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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on March 5th,sometimes owners of short, generic .coms use those domains for a different purpose. The domain name currently redirects to the Wikipedia page for rapper/entertainer Kanye West.

The story is getting plenty of coverage even though it is a simple redirect with not much else going on.

USA Today Which pointed out that Kanye did dis Beck at the Grammys, Beck famously wrote a hit song called Loser noted he did apologize to Beck: West has been on a bit of a make-good mission of late, as he apologized to Beck on Twitter last week for his post-Grammys rant about the rocker needing to “respect artistry.” West, who also tweeted a recent apology to Bruno Mars, was displeased that Beck beat Beyonce for album of the year.

The domain has been registered since 1995 and is under privacy at Tucows.

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