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Are New gTLDs More Memorable than Country Code Domains ?
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on February 4th,Stuart Fuller, director, commercial operations at NetNames spoke with FE Brandwagon/ and gave his view why the new gtlds are more memorable and why brands can have more security if they take the time to get their own Dot Brand.

From the article:

Could you elaborate on how the new domain system will change the internet landscape?

I hope we see a safer environment, one where innovation is fostered and where brand holders built interactions with customers based on user experience rather than just search and the race to the top of Google rankings. Whilst today there is a clear difference between old and new, we expect to see the two become a single experience in the future. Many brand holders and companies will now have the opportunity, potentially for the first time, to register and use the domain names that match their digital assets rather than being forced to take the leftovers of others. Whilst many businesses will still view .com as their key domain name, only a tiny percentage of 4-digit .com domains are available to register today. Compare that with a .group, .website or even a .ninja. That’s where the opportunities of the new domain name program comes into its own.

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